Monday, January 21, 2013

For Martin Luther King Day: "The Insult and Young Martin"

For this Martin Luther King Day in the USA, I am sharing "The Insult and Young Martin" by Jerome Witkin (of course!) in tribute to Dr. King's memory.  This is a very large work, which I have seen in 2011; it took up a large wall in the XL Projects Gallery in downtown Syracuse.  I wish that this photo were big enough to do this justice, but you can only show so much on a computer screen. (If you click on it, that will enlarge it a bit so you can see more details.) Luckily, it will be in the "Drawn to Paint" exhibition when that retrospective of Witkin's work comes to the Palmer Museum at Penn State University in February 2013.  If you can get there, please do, so you can see this and many other Witkin paintings and drawings!  More at

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