Thursday, August 30, 2012

Here's DXing with Cumbre #733 for Labor Day Weekend


Hello, everyone, and a Happy Labor Day weekend for all who are celebrating the American holiday...we hope the rest of you are enjoying the weekend, too!  Thanks for your patience; we had some last-minute problems at WCNY due to the illness of a colleague, but we're back this week, and there's a double dose of Pirating with Cumbre, too!  Here's the link for this week: 

Saturday, August 25, 2012

For our Jerome Witkin fans....

Since some of the people coming here for Cumbre DX info have become interested in the art of "On the Lamb" title creator Jerome Witkin, whose "Self-Portrait Standing in the Snow" is shown here, I'd like to invite any Facebook members to join the group "Jerome Witkin is AMAZING," a group which was founded a few years back by one of his students, artist Nicole Troillet.  You can check it out at the link, and apply to join:

Leonard Bernstein's birthday, and some art by my brother Ward Lamb

Today, we remember American composer-conductor Leonard Bernstein, who was born on this date in 1918 and lived until 1990. Even people who don't follow classical music remember Bernstein for his score for the film "On the Waterfront" and for the beloved musical "West Side Story." Bernstein had many classical compositions as well, he was a good pianist, and was especially known for his conducting, which was among the best of the 20th century. Many who were TV viewers in the U.S. in the 1950s and 1960s remember him for his Young People's Concerts and other educational programs on CBS, and in the 1970s he did a series of lectures called "The Unanswered Question", which were shown on public TV and later made available on DVD.  The painting, which is called "Leonard Bernstein in his Element," is by my brother, Ward Lamb. It is in the music department of the Minisink Valley High School in New York State. Happy birthday to the man musicians still remember as "Lenny," and enjoy the painting!

DXing with Cumbre returns next week

Hi, everyone!  Due to a sudden change in the health of a WCNY-FM colleague with a chronic illness, I had no time for a new show this week.  DXing with Cumbre will return next week.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

DXing with Cumbre 732 is available for download

Hello, everyone!  Here is the download link for Cumbre show #732:

This week's show includes reports from both Bob Padula (EDXP Report) and Chris Lobdell (weekly Pirating with Cumbre).  Chris also has a new "Pirates for Peace" promo, which I'll mention since a number
of you reacted favorably to the first one.  

Thanks for listening and 73--Marie

Thursday, August 9, 2012

DXing with Cumbre 731 is now available for download

Hello, everyone!  I am not sure where I got this logo, although perhaps it was a creation of the late Bob Arnold, N2JEU, who also created the DXing with Cumbre logo with the microphone for our now-defunct page on iTunes.  Might as well use it again!

DXing with Cumbre #731 is now available for download, and here's the link:

Thanks and 73--


Sunday, August 5, 2012

By request: World Harvest Radio and WRN information

As requested by listeners to "DXing with Cumbre," I am posting links to World Harvest Radio, which carries the show on shortwave and streaming audio, and to the World Radio Network, which carries the show on their English satellite service for Europe and as streaming audio.

This link for World Harvest Radio will get you to schedule information (subject to change), a link for submitting shortwave reception reports, programs, technical information, and more.

This link will take you to information, streaming audio, schedules, etc. for the World Radio Network, which carries "DXing with Cumbre" on its English service for Europe.

Thanks for your continued interest in "DXing with Cumbre," and I hope this will make your listening easier!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

Welcome to DXing with Cumbre fans; recent links to show are here!

Hi, everyone! I set up this blog before the current DXing with Cumbre changes.  This mostly has art and music items on it, but since I've had requests for a place where people can find links and get an RSS feed, you're welcome to find those things here.  Now, for recent download links for Cumbre broadcasts 725 through 730.  Enjoy!

Thursday, August 2, 2012

UNC Asheville talk by Jerome Witkin from January 2012: 2 video links

I'm sharing links to the video of Jerome Witkin's talk at UNC Asheville on January 18th, 2012.  The video is available for viewing or for free download. Part 1 is 24:12 and is at and part 2 (about 31:00) is at .  Very informative, especially for those getting acquainted with Witkin's work.  Enjoy!  (BTW, an unfinished version of the "Marie Lamb, Chatterbox" portrait is at around 28:00 into the second video. Jerome had me sit for it again about two months after this talk was given; thus, the finished product is very different from the original shown in the video.)