Monday, October 22, 2012

For Jerome Witkin fans: a brand-new official website!

(Photo: "The Two Of Us: Bergen-Belsen and Israel" from 

We'll have a new DXing with Cumbre show this week, after our technical woes.  However, I know that some of you also enjoy the artwork I share here from time to time, including that of Jerome Witkin, who did the "Marie Lamb, The Chatterbox" portrait of me.  I have something to be chatty about today!  A few months ago, Jerome told me that there would soon be a new official website for his work.  I got a Google Alert about it this morning, so I am sharing the good news about !  Although webmaster Andrew Saluti mentions that the site is a work in progress, there are a number of Jerome's pieces you can see there, plus some YouTube video links and contact information for Jack Rutberg Fine Arts, the art gallery in Los Angeles that represents Jerome.  You can leave your comments, too, and Andrew Saluti invites Jerome's fans to check back often for updates!  Congratulations, Jerome; it looks good so far, and it's well-deserved!

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